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Developing a Growth Mindset

How many of you have ever had a child that has troubles making mistakes? When a mistake is made the student has a hard time dealing with the consequences. What about that child that takes a long time to complete an assignment because each letter, word, or number has to be written perfectly?  Yes . . .  you know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure you had a few names come to mind.

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One of the best life skill lessons that we can teach our children in the classroom and at home focuses on “Developing a Growth Mindset”.

I came across this book,  The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes, by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein. This is a perfect book to help children begin to understand that mistakes are acceptable.

I love how this book not only details how Beatrice is so perfect, but how she had a hard time overcoming a mistake.  This is very typical of children who have a hard time with mistakes.  The mistake is like a dark cloud that impacts the entire day.  Throughout the story, Beatrice learns how to overcome this challenge and sees mistakes as a stop for learning.

When I was looking for more lessons to engage students in learning, I turned to this book, The Growth Mindset Coach.  It has a year long plan of ideas that can be used in the classroom and at home to support children on developing a growth mindset.



This book starts in August with a reflective session, then in September the text provides a guideline of ideas that can be easily implemented in the classroom through family meetings (aka class meetings), throughout the day as “opportunity arises” lessons, or even when the child has had a moment to calm down, reflect, and engage in a learning conversation about the incident.  I use this book alongside my district’s Positive Action SEL program.



Check out these children’s books to use as additional resources for teaching a growth mindset.  I love having a variety of titles to choose from when teaching skills, strategies, and concepts.  Each of these books focus on developing that growth mindset and can be used anytime throughout the year.

Annette has been an educator for 26 years working in the classroom, district leadership, university professor, as well as a mentor for teachers nationwide. Her research focuses on learning, technology, and leadership.

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