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Welcome to my E-book page!!  Here you will find an assortment of resources to support your instruction from lesson plans, complete units, videos, and more!!  Whether you are a classroom teacher of 1 or 35, teach in public or private school, or are a homeschooling parent, you’ll be excited to learn some new ideas to motivate your students, personalize learning, and engage in 21st century pedagogy.  

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Writing: Picture Composition

In this 58 page e-book, Visual Literacy, you will find all the resources needed to begin an instructional unit focusing on developing a picture composition while strengthening and solidifying literacy skills. This 6-8 week instructional unit utilizes reading and writing visual literacy strategies and engages students in a backwards design to create a story using picture composition techniques. 

I walk you step-by-step along this journey with mini-lesson ideas and activities that incorporate children’s literature mentor texts. I also provide full, detailed lesson plans for visual writing and reading instruction.  Additionally, you’ll have access to printable art center placards to help guide students during the construction phase of visual literacy, thus saving you precious prep time, so you can focus on instruction. Finally, because a picture is worth a thousand words, sample texts are shared from my students’ stories to guide you and your students along this journey.

Happy Writing!!

See Blog Post for more information about writing with pictures!

Teacher Planner with Annual FREE Updates

The Ultimate Teacher Planner 2020-2021

I have two options available for purchase:  Watercolor Designs or Polka Dot with Solid Colors.

This assorted watercolor and polka dot with solid colors is an editable teacher notebook/planner aimed to help you stay organized with everything you need in one spot. This teacher notebook has editable pages via Google, so that you can customize any page to meet your needs. 

YOU can choose the LANDSCAPE and/or PORTRAIT versions to fit your needs.

☀️Free calendar updates each year.  

This teacher notebook has planning pages for the year, month, and week. This notebook can be printed off and placed in a binder, printed off and bound, or even used digitally. So many options!

Editable planning pages include:

1. Monthly Calendars ~ can be edited on computer and printed with an organization reminder tool

2. Curriculum Mapping ~ keep your content and standards focus

3. Weekly Lesson Plans ~ 2 page view format, subjects and a column for notes/reminders

4. Daily Notes/Reminders ~ for daily recording of how students leave, special events, etc.

5. Gradebook, Attendance, and Planning pages for interventions, small Groups, Daily 5 ~ add your students’ names, dates, lesson plan, assignments to this document for easy record keeping.

6. Gradebook, Attendance, and Planning pages for larger classes ~ add your students’ names, dates, assignments to this document for easy record keeping.

7. Parent Communication and Discipline Logs ~ editable (names and phone numbers can be typed into the table) to keep track of conversations.

8. Meeting Notes ~editable for tracking meetings

9. Student Info ~ editable pages to make class lists, record allergies/health concerns, gather detailed information from parents, record parent phone numbers and track student birthdays.

10. Website Info ~ keep your usernames/passwords handy for yourself and duplicate the page to keep students’ usernames/passwords availabl

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