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I am excited to share my journey and experiences with you. I am a practitioner educator in Alaska who works with teachers across the nation towards accomplished teaching and National Board Certification.

In my blog, you’ll find research based instructional and classroom management techniques, 21st century pedagogy applications, tips for successful implementation, adaptable lesson ideas, and a community of practitioners aiming to provide a high quality education program for each learner! You’ll also find lifestyle posts to engage and inspire parents, educators, and supporters about the joys of being an educator.  My goal is to support, motivate, and inspire educators and parents to be the best educator YOU can be!!

I hope to help you along your journey to personalizing education in a digital world or simply using technology to support learning for your students.  My doctorate dissertation focused on this exact area, so I feel like I have a basic foundation of knowledge about implementing technology to support instruction.  However, the technological world is constantly changing, which means I am constantly learning new things.

Since 2010, I have been teaching intermediate elementary education using a “flipped” classroom model IN my classroom, since many of my students did not have access to internet OR a device.  This method was proving successful, as I was able to meet the needs of more learners when introducing and reviewing content.  Student achievement scores were increasing and the achievement gap was closing.

During the past few years, I piloted a “blended learning/project based” program for my school district. To say that I was very excited to work this program is an understatement.  I was absolutely thrilled!!  I taught a multi-age program with twenty-five third and fourth graders. The program was very successful, students loved the idea of working at their own pace and level and engage in science, social studies, and art a few hours every day, parents were excited to see their child excel and love learning, and I was sooo excited to be teaching, really teaching.  I then looped with my class and expanded the program teaching twenty-nine fourth and fifth graders.  The program has been a great success in my school, and we added a second and third grade class to the “blended learning/project based” program, too.

I know that many of you are excited to start learning how to meet the individual needs of the learners in your classroom.  Follow along my journey, ask questions, engage in discourse, and I know you will also find a successful and balanced approach to teaching in a 21st century classroom.

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Happy teaching!

Annette Durbin, Ed. D.

National Board Certified Teacher

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