This is where I get to spend my days!!  I created a comfortable space for myself and my students to work every day.  As part of this learning space, students have seating options – also called flexible seating.  Different than my traditional classroom where students sat at desks or tables usually in small groups, now students enter the morning and can decide where to sit each day.  When students are working individually, they can decide to sit at their table, in the library, in the floor space, or on the sofa. As long as the students are working, learning, doing their job . . . the seating choice is up to them.  Occasionally, I will need to move a student to a more successful learning space, but overall, the students love that I trust them to make their own seating choice.

Why did I move to flexible seating?  I don’t know about you, but when I work on the computer, I want to be comfortable.  As I type this blog entry, I am sitting in a comfy, cozy chair – not on a hard wooden or plastic chair.  My feet are propped upon the ottoman and the computer rests in my lap.  I like to be comfortable when I learn, and I know my students want to be comfortable, too.

Anytime I do “direct instruction” students sit at their table spaces and participate in learning.  After the quick direct instruction is completed, students resume to their choice seating arrangements.  I’m excited to be able to offer this learning environment.  It is a lot of give and take on the teacher side, but it works in my classroom.

Enjoy the tour!

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