Summer Solstice Fun!

Summer Holiday!

The Summer Solstice is coming!!!  Here in Alaska, we celebrate this day every year. 


This is the LONGEST day and officially the FIRST day of summer in the “Land of the Midnight Sun! 

Is this a special day you and your family celebrate?  Learn how we celebrate in Alaska and get the FREE Summer Solstice resource for your family!

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How Do Alaskans Celebrate?

We celebrate the Summer Solstice spending our time outside:  hiking, camping, BBQing, mountain climbing, fishing . . . anything OUTSIDE to enjoy this long day and the midnight sun – rain or shine! 

There are five large cities, many small towns, and villages across Alaska.  Each one has its own traditional celebration.  Events can occur over a three day period or just the solstice day.  There are parades, festivals, music, baseball games at the ballpark – yes AT MIDNIGHT, even a mountain race in Seward, Alaska called “Mount Marathon”.  Anything we can do, we do it outside.

Check out how this small town, Seldovia – only accessible by water and air, celebrates the summer solstice with a three day festival!

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How Do You Celebrate?

Celebrating the summer solstice is perfect for having fun coupled with learning!  The BEST learning opportunities are “meaningful” and make an “emotional connection”!  This is a great way to help your learners understand why the solstice is celebrated every year.   

Snag my FREE printable Summer Solstice resource for your family to celebrate, too!  Will you have a three day event or wrap all the fun into one day? 

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Check out these resources to add to your learner’s Solstice Celebation experience!

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Final Thoughts

Although we are often off from “official schooling” during the summer, there are several opportunities to continue learning in new and exciting ways.  Summer is the perfect opportunity to have meaningful and emotionally connected learning experiences.  Summer is such a great time to learn!! 

Don’t forget to snag the FREE printable Summer Solstice resource before you go!!!

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