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Students collecting data with their chrome books on a google form in our google classroom.

High Flying STEM!

Well . . . after spending 25 years teaching in a traditional framework (last post), now I feel like I can finally TEACH!  The handcuffs are off, and I am free to inspire, motivate, and challenge my students to be the best learner he/she can be!  This in turn, challenges me to be the best teacher that I can be!!  Sooo exciting!


This past school year (2017 – 2018), I had the opportunity to teach in a blended technology and project based classroom.  I collaborated with three other teachers who were also piloting this program for our district.  The school year started out a little rough, since the online learning programs were not ready to go.  However, I knew what I needed to do to build my classroom community for a successful year.